Design and produce the best furniture for the Hospitality  and  Home furnishing Industries, based on our values: Responsibility, Respect, Reliability, Transparency,and Environmental Sustainability.


To be a global leader in the furniture industry, and be known for our high-quality standards, accompanied with a great experienced team always commited with the social and environmental sustainability.

Our Trajectory


We began our labors in 1949 as a small factory located in the industrial zone of Bogotá, Colombia.

At first, we only had 50 employees that worked in a 100 m² manufacturing floor. Since we were a small business, we started manufacturing coffers, sewing boxes, and toys. As we built our name in the industry, we began to extend our workplace with larger and sophisticated machines that allowed us to dabble in mass production of furniture. We started manufacturing TV cabinets and sewing machines, among others. Our clients at that time, were big and successful companies, such as Singer, Phillips, General Electrics and Panasonic.

Few years later, our small manufacturing floor, became  a whole production plant in charged of the elaboration of Home Business Line furniture. Our products had small hand made details that were very popular in the U.S market. The client portfolio grew significantly, we added several brands like: Century, Baker, Hickory White, Ralph Lauren and Henkel Harris.

In 2003, we made our debut in the Hospitality Industry, manufacturing furniture for the largest, national and international, hotel chains. The U.S, Mexico, Panamá, Costa Rica, Honduras and Dominican Republic were some of our main clients.

Our excellence and high-quality values, allowed us to be one of the top exporting companies in Colombia. In fact, we won three important awards, given by the Colombian government: Premio al Mérito Exportador, which was given to us twice, and Premio Nacional de la Calidad y Órden al Mérito Industrial.

The quality of our products is a combination of several characteristics that differentiate us from other companies: a specialized team, carefully selected materials, advanced technology and an excellent management control system.

Nowadays, our whole operation is done in a 30.000 m² factory located in Bogotá. The 50 employees that worked in that small manufacturer, are now more that 500 qualified and experienced workers that are committed to the production of high standards and excellent quality furniture that can be exported to any place in the world.