Our Processes


Clasification of the Wood

The first step is to analize the work that has to be done in order to decide which type of wood is optimal for the requirements of our client.  All our wood is certified and  comply with all  legal dispositions  from our the environment and government entities.

Kiln Drying

In this step, the wood is treated in special industrial ovens the  moisture content  level of the wood to  8% – 9%. This process guarantees a structural stability of the wood and the immunization needed to prevent phytosanitary events.


In this department,  a  wood veneer is applied to any of  the different  types of laminates that are used, such as MDF, MDP, Plywood  etc. This veneer  gives the main characteristics to the piece of furniture. We have access to any type of veneer that  our clients may need.


In this process, the wood is cutted into pieces of standard measures in order to optimize as best as possible this natural resource.

Machining Center

This is the stage where the pieces of wood are transformed into a desired final shape and size, so that they can be assembled later on. We use high technology machines such as  CNC lathes, routers drillers etc.


The assembly process is the phase in which the individual pieces are putted  together to build the final furniture piece. Once the assembly process has been successfully completed, our quality department evaluates endurance and stability.


This process is very important, as a perfect sanding is the base of a high-quality furniture finish. We use different kind of abrasives, depending on the detail requirement of the piece. The appropriate  sabding  prepares the surface of the wood for the next step.

Painting and Finishes

This is the phase in which the furniture receives the final finish. To make sure that every piece has the beauty, endurance and protection that is required, the surface must be treated with several operations: sealers, dying, glazie, lacquer, among others. All of our finishes are made of polyester resins,  known for their resistance, durability and ecofriendly properties. We develop and produce our own paint. Our lab has the highest standards of quality and every chemical is carefully selected and manipulated.



This process is accomplished by expert s, that with years of experience and knowledge upholster our  furniture with fabrics specified by our Clients, using foams  that, giving  confort and durability,  enhance the beauty of our furniture.

Process Termination

In this department, the furniture receives its final details. Our team installs the functional and decorative  hardware. Every single piece must face a last quality inspection before is sent to the packing department.


In IMA S.A we put a lot of effort in our packaging area. We are very much aware of how important it is to ensure a safe and secure shipping that will maintain our furniture’s quality. That’s why we carefully design the best packaging that can provide protection to every piece. Our objective is  that our products arrive always in perfect shape to its final destination.