Corporate Social Responsibility We are sustainable


WOOD PRODUCTS MANUFACTURING INDUSTRY IMA S.A., as a company that is fully committed to social responsibility, we have compromised to find effective solutions that will contribute to the reduction of the negative effects that our actions or decisions might generate in others. We have different programs that are in charged of satisfying the needs and expectations of our interest groups.

Objective of Corporate Social Responsibility at IMA S.A:

Maximize the Company’s contribution to Sustainable Development.

Groups of Interest


Main Focus

Policies of Security, Environmental Requirements and Workplace Health

WOOD PRODUCTS MANUFACTURING INDUSTRY IMA S.A., We believe that one of the most precious resources of any company is people. We are fully committed with the wellness of each and every member of our team. We have created  internal programs that promote and implement physical, mental, and social well-being, not only to our staff but also to our groups of interest by providing a safe working environment. Natural resources are also at the top of our priorities, our responsibility with its preservation is reflected on our security and health management systems. 

Ethical Policies

WOOD PRODUCTS MANUFACTURING INDUSTRY IMA S.A., As a leader in our industry, we have put a lot of effort in designing, creating, and promoting a policy of zero tolerance on any corrupt or dishonest behavior. We have built our name and reputation on our remarkable values and impeccable management systems. We share our strategies and decisions with our groups of interest in order to take care of their needs.

It is very important to us, to have an appropriate furniture packaging that guarantees the quality that as a company, we aim for. We carefully designed a package that optimizes the natural resources involved and that allows the proper waste management that is contemplated in the Waste Management Plan at IMA.

Our package is made up, mostly, of cardboard. Most of this material (70%) is formed by paper layers that are overlapped and that might be composed of virgin threads or recycled paper. The threads compact with humidity, and they dry out through evaporation.

Waste Management Policy

WOOD PRODUCTS MANUFACTURING INDUSTRY IMA S.A, As a manufacturer of goods for their commercialization, under its own brand and distributed in a paper, cardboard, and plastic package in Colombian territory, admits to know the corresponding normative about the proper management of packaging contemplated in the resolution 1407 of 2018 of the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development, and commits to proceed as expected, given fulfillment to the requirements of the authorities.

Certifications and Awards